Letters To Our Staff

Testimonials from those who have benefited from our staff’s guidance are our best reference. This is a sampling from a few of the many letters our team has received from successful professionals who have benefited from our guidance in the past.


“I am living a dream! Thanks for your help and guidance. I could finally see clearly what was right in front of me.” CB


“I have received and accepted an offer to join a company. The position exceeds my career, financial, and growth objectives. It is a senior management position. By taking this position, your services will no longer be required. It was a pleasure to work with you”. GL

“Your team was extremely professional and helpful…it was a very positive experience…I was offered a position [VP Operations $100K + $40K bonus]”  EW

“I am pleased to let you know that I have begun work as a General Manager…I’d like to thank you all for your support, ideas, suggestions, job leads and opportunities and network introductions.” CH

“I accepted a new position. It all happened very quickly … pay / benefit package…company vehicle, matching 401K, stock purchase plan with company contribution…It was the atmosphere I was most interested in.” FR

“I accepted the position with the new company in Atlanta at $90K and I start tomorrow. I am still going to pursue the 2 other pending jobs. I’ll let you know how things turn out” BW

“First I would like to say that your program is fabulous. I didn’t know just how much I didn’t know on how to market my skills. I have you to thank for that.” BJ

“I had an interview on Friday. I felt so prepared, I was hardly nervous. We established a dialogue fairly quickly. By the end of the interview we were discussing their issues and how to resolve them. Within 3 hours I received a job offer. I have accepted the position at $135,000 annually.” DB

“My new position is Purchasing Manager. In summary this opportunity affords me a comfortable base as we relocate to Florida. What I received from [you] afforded me the necessary support to achieve my immediate goals.” BA

“The offer came through last Thursday. I start on the 28th. With your help I was able to reach my income goal. I appreciate all your help in my search efforts.” Position: Director of Operations with a $5000 signing bonus. FF

“I hope you know just how much I have appreciated your input into my professional development as that is what I view the entire program. You truly care about your clients and that is evident in you provide direction, encouragement, and guidance.” JH

“A couple of phone calls with [the hiring manager] and we reached an agreement. I’m starting at $90,000 … I expect to be in the $120,000 range [by the end of my first year].” JB

“Great news, I just accepted an offer as Director. I can’t thank you enough. I would NEVER have made it through the selection process without your assistance. I could not believe that most of the panel interview questions were exactly the same as you provided.” Base + bonus = $123,000 DR

“We are delighted to extend to you this offer of employment with [wholly owned subsidiary of NCR] for the position of Project Manager. Your annual gross base salary will be $82,000. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to work along side you as we continue [our] culture of growth and success.” MA

“I would like to thank you for all of the help you have provided me over the past two months. I am now employed…This position I feel, is a fit with my background. When I started with [you] I had no idea that things would take off so fast!” GA

“FYI. I accepted a job offer with [the new company]. I start on Monday. I am very pleased with the offer, the job, and the company. Thanks for all of your help in the job hunt.” VA

“The new job is great, I cannot thank you enough. The job is perfect for me, as is the company. You guys are the best. Anyone looking to improve their career needs to use you.”

“I just accepted a position as director for New Project Planning…I can’t thank you enough. I would never have made it through the selections process without your coaching…Compensation $95K + bonus ($28K) + 401K Match total = $128K.” DR

“I wanted to touch base and let you know my situation. I have currently accepted a full time offer. This is a great fit for my skills and what I was looking for in a new role and company.” JO

“I was offered the position of Chief Financial Officer on Monday. I accepted the offer …salary $160,000 plus car allowance of $600 per month. I am excited about this opportunity. Thanks for all your assistance.” CR

“I recently accepted a position …making a lot more money and have opportunities to grow with the company.” KS

“Without the career guidance and direction you provided I would not be in my new position. I knew I had the skills and ability to move into senior management but, it was your help and expertise that made the move possible. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for executive level career guidance.” AS

“I want to thank you for everything you have done in helping me with my career search. I am pleasured to tell you I have accepted the Director’s position. I enjoyed my experience and would recommend you to anybody.” JB

“I wanted to share my good news about the Associate General Counsel position. We negotiated the terms at a $180,000 base salary, plus 30% bonus opportunity.” SG

“I have accepted the offer for Director of IT. I want to thank you again for your assistance during my search … I have recommend your services to others …” TR

“Thank you for all you have done for me. I accepted their offer and love my position. Once again, I want to thank you.” MS

“As you know, I accepted the position as a project manager. This position was created for me. I am grateful to you.” BR

“I accepted the new role of Chief Operating Officer with the company in NYC. Thanks very much!” EV

“I started Monday and I really like the work environment and the people. I used many of the things you provided, which for me was a big deal…” RS

“Just a quick note to let you know that I have accepted the job. They pay much better than the other regions. Thanks for all your help.” PA

“Thank you for your support. I used your techniques and negotiated for a higher salary and expanded benefits. The job is going good. They have a couple of unexpected perks…” LH

“I have sent in my acceptance and will start on Monday in their Canadian office for two weeks before starting in Sarasota. Your support and advice really helped me and made this possible…” KR

“Got the written offer today and I have accepted the offer and will mail it back tomorrow. We’re in agreement with each other on what was offered and what was finally settled on.” KD

“Things are great. I accepted the position last Friday. I am now assigned to a project and on-site at their corporate location. Thanks again for your help throughout this process.” GB

Companies who hired our talented professionals and executives: